About Us

Founded in 2003 by its chairman, Deon Pillay, the Esizwe Group is an empowerment organisation which sources, manufactures and supplies diversified products to offices. The Group has a market consisting of approximately 60% public sector customers and 40% private sector organisations. The underlying philosophies of the group include:

  • Quality products
  • Absolute integrity
  • Promotion of the empowerment of previously disadvantaged groups

Our Group originated from the chairman’s astute observation that, at the time, there was a rapidly growing market for office supplies. Over time the business grew, meeting the many needs of its customers – but always observing the maxims of absolute honesty and integrity and providing the highest level of professional advice and service.

Staff levels have grown from one person in 2003 to a current staff complement of more than 50 individuals.

The chairman of the Esizwe Group, Deon Pillay, is a hands-on executive who really does lead from the front. At the age of 23 he started the business after spotting marketing opportunities in terms of supplying printer-related consumables in the office market.

What started as an individual enterprise in a suburb of Johannesburg has substantially grown its staff and, in the course of its development, relocated to Mondeor – south of Johannesburg. This is ideally located in terms of access to suppliers and customers. The manufacturing division is situated in Zakariyya Park.

The Durban branch was launched in July 2015 and the next step is the opening of branches in Cape Town, and Bloemfontein – and thereafter in other significant centres throughout South Africa. Expanding into Africa, particularly into neighbouring countries, remains as a distinct possibility.

The guiding principle of the Group is an emphasis on non-biased, professional advice – coupled with long-term support and guidance. Esizwe aims to build long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers, where trust and an intimate understanding of mutual business practices results in the highest levels of service to be both provided and maintained. The Group has a strong desire to contribute to the economic development of South Africa – by fulfilling various economic empowerment initiatives.


The products offered do, in general, relate either to each other generically or by meeting the wider requirements of customers using the basic product lines. Each has been developed to meet needs found in our original markets.

Technology Division

The technology division provides consumables related to this industry, such as:


From the simplest of A4 pages for desktops to the most complex high-volume material for mass production, stationery is, without a doubt, the most basic consumable in any office. Despite a trend toward digital formatting, stationery requirements in virtually all industries have grown in leaps and bounds. Esizwe has built a strong niche in terms of filling the needs of this market quickly and efficiently.

Printer Cartridges

Printer cartridges come in many sizes and formats. Our business is built upon giving the right advice for each organisation’s specific needs. Proper selection of the right cartridge can certainly help the bottom line, over time.


Some printers produce a multitude of different formats, some produce the same document over and over, and some do a wide variety of small jobs. Having the right advice about which printer to purchase, and then having the adviser supply and service the printer – all at very competitive charges – can significantly improve profitability.

Desktops/Laptops & Servers

We supply a wide range of hardware and are accredited by most OEM brands such as HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Lexmark, Samsung, Canon, Mecer and Proline.

Other Divisions of the Esizwe Group 

Manufacture of Office Furniture and Chairs; Every business needs furniture – and it does wear out – so the ability to promptly maintain businesses furniture requirements is another string to our bow.

Importers of Various Commodities. Where it is impossible to obtain a quality product locally – or if it is something special that needs to be imported, then we have the licences, experience and infrastructure to keep our customers supplied.

Building Maintenance. Obviously, buildings need to be kept in good order and our maintenance division offers – amongst other services – painting, flooring, plumbing, tiling, minor construction, and renovations.

Garden Service. Our garden service ensured that our customers’ surroundings are kept clean and tidy.

Esizwe Corporate Leasing. For the executive who only needs accommodation an ad-hoc basis, we lease upmarket, executive, furnished apartments in Sandton. 

Corporate Mission

To maximise the effectiveness of The Esizwe Group and to increase our shareholders’ wealth by providing quality products and service excellence that perceptibly adds value to the Value Chain System of our customers.

Our Focus

  1. Esizwe Technology believes in applying high moral purpose with impeccable ethical standards – resulting in honesty, integrity, reliability and candour in all relationships. We will address and take care of the interests of all stakeholders in a fair and equitable manner.
  2. To create relationships with organisations which strongly desire business partnerships with the historically disadvantaged sectors of South Africa, and to commit to genuine empowerment. Esizwe Group commits to re-invest and enter into joint ventures that complement our core business, with qualified “Previously Disadvantaged Individual” owned entities – where our combined expertise will add value to all underlying investments. This process will enhance black economic empowerment (BEE) in South Africa.
  3. To uncompromisingly focus on customer satisfaction and to offer innovative products. This will facilitate prompt and efficient service whilst maintaining high quality standards – without any exception – to all our customers, and to all business sectors.
  4. To be a preferred supplier to our clients – especially offering unsurpassed service and quality products, at the best possible price.


Esizwe is a Level-1 empowerment company, which means that:

  1. Private corporations using our products and services will derive an advantage when building up their empowerment points; and
  2. Public sector entities can use our products and services with absolute confidence.

The Esizwe group not only recognises the strong need for empowerment in South Africa, but also is proactive in promoting empowerment and related issues – such as the upliftment of women and the fair treatment of individuals. We believe that by doing this, we can help correct the problems that have been inherited from past regimes. We carry this theme through in our employment policy and practices.

Our aim is to make a direct contribution to the economic wellbeing of South Africa’s economy and objectives – which includes job creation and equitable workforce participation. We strongly adhere to the policy of giving opportunity to previously disadvantaged individuals.

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